Here is a tour of one of our favorite tiny house builds so far. The Chimera’s name comes from the mythical greek creature that was a combination of more than one animal. Similarly, this home is hard to pin down stylewise. The customer did a lot of the design on the house himself and we think it turned out great! This tiny house is heavy on custom multifunctional pieces including a live­ edge folding kitchen table, storage couch that pulls out to a bed, and storage stairs with custom black pipe handrails. The house also has an off­grid hybrid solar system designed to augment grid power. Who says you have to decide on one style in your tiny house? Mixing and matching can equal rad results!

Wind River Tiny Homes in Chattanooga, Tennessee has been busy building custom tiny homes for customers throughout The United States. Their latest build, "The Chimera" was recently shipped off to customers in Texas. But before it made its maiden voyage, the crew from Wind River Tiny Homes was kind enough to give us a quick tour.

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